UK Public Payphones

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 First POA for STD BCC705 1959 
1959 poa
 Associated Automation 
 CCB 735  1967 
Front right view of telephone 735

CCB 725A

CCB 725A
  Blue Payphone 1
7 Segment LED display
Coin Telephone 22A 1981 
 Autelca AG 3073 Gumligen Schweiz 
 LCD display Coin Telephone 22B 1983 
 Cardphone 1A  1981 
cardphone 1A
 Landis & Gyr  
 Cardphone 1C     
 Cardphone 1C Mk2  1991 
 Landis & Gyr 
 Cardphone 2A
similar to 1C but with magentic card swipe for credit card.
LCD display is alphanumeric

credit call
 Payphone 790
With side swipe
 Payphone 690
without side swipe
Blue Payphone

Payphone 500,600,800 +

Display - Dot Matrix
Keypad - Angled back, Numeric
Handset - Square
No Cash Calls 
 Lock - type B
 No Cash Calls
 Handset - Round
Kepad - Flush Alien


Display - Dot Matrix
Keypad - Angled Back, Alpha Numeric
Handset -Square

 Text Phone
 Display - Dot Matrix
Keypad -Flush, Alien Symbol
 Payphone 500


GPT Sapphire payphone was amongst the first payphone to incorporate sophisticated anti-vandalism features in addition to technological innovations such as remote phone diagnostics and modular component design

GPT Payphone Systems is a Marconi company. In its 18-year history, GPT Payphone Systems has supplied nearly 1.5 million payphones to more than 80 countries. Marconi PLC is a global communications and IT company with around 49,000 employees world-wide and sales in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced communications solutions and the key technologies and services for the internet.


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