Payphone 100 - BT Coin Telephone 23

Within GPO/BT This was known as the Coin Telephone 23 or CT23 see also

BT Coin Telephone 23A / British Telecom payphone 100

Coin Telephone 23A and 23C compared

The 23A has a * and # and R extra buttons
The 23c had a tariff setting button that can be pressed with the coin collecting box open
The 23A has a separate tariff eprom
The 23A has spade line connections on the main PCB where as the 23C has a BT plug and socket
The 23A has more metal inside, where as the 23C has plastic parts
The 23C does not have a PCB on the coin route, the ribbon cable is wired direct to the Elecro- Magents / opto sensors


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