Coin Telephone 725

CCB 725A

In 1975 Post Office Telephones purchased 250 CCB 725As and 50 trolleys to mount some of them on.

They were yellow and black.

The first in the range of yellow hospital telephones

40 payphones, 10 on trolleys were placed with current payphone customers for comments in the North East Telephone Region.


This bulletin provides advance information about a new portable coinbox (CCB 725A) and an ancillary trolley, both of which will undergo product and field trial evaluation later this year in NETR.

A limited quantity of 250 coinboxes and 50 trolleys are being purchased. Of these, 40 coinboxes and 10 trolleys will be placed with selected customers currently renting red portable coinboxes CCBl/735D. If the product trial evaluation is satisfactory, the remainder will be used for a follow—up marketing trial.


The first supplies of the new coinbox will be in yellow, with a black moulded unit which houses the dial and receiver rest and vertically mounted integral black telephone handset. The operating instructions are printed in black on a polished steel plate which is situated below the coin slots on the left frace

The new coinbox has a number of improved design features which include

  1. a recessed carrying handle;

  2. a larger cash container (£12)

  3. a. rear mounted cord-winding flange;

  4. a. retractable spring hasp to enable renters, using their own locks, to secure the coinbox and prevent unauthorised removal.

Made in cast aluminium, the coinbox is 330 mm high, 273 mm wide and 165 mm deep. The weight, with the cash container empty is approximately 11 Kg (4 Kg less than the CCBl/735D).


The lightweight chrome—frame trolley, with directory stowage facilities, has been designed for hairdressing; establishments, restaurants and in situations where customers may prefer a trolley rather than provide their own table, shelf, or other unit. Although not specially designed for hospitals, it is hoped to test some of the trolleys in hospital locations during the product trial.


Initially, the new coinbox will be supplied and evaluated as a portable coinbox for the purpose of ultimately replacing the red. portable 1/755D. However, it has been designed so that, with minor modifications, it can be used as a fixed coinbox. So at a later stage, it is hoped to evaluate its performance in wal1—mounted locations.

Enquiries about the new portable coinbox should be directed via. DTRs(Sales) to John Manning, TMk1.2.1.2 (O1-357 2124) .

CCB 725E

By 1980 they were making them like this..

Yellow Payphone on trolley
Rear View showing chrome frame
Front close up showing coin slots

They operated just like the other mechanical pay on answer phones, that first came into being with STD in 1959.

A complicated circuit back at the exchange, allowed the mechanism in the payphone to be only just less complicated than an early betamax video recorder !

The closk work mechanism was powered by the user as he or she forced in the coin.

The coin slots were opened, when the called party answered.

Phone with front removed
Coin Mechanism