Payphone 200 MK II

I have 2 of these in my collection, Does anyone have a manual for this phone ?

Program and Test

By pressing

the button to the left of the * key (with the cover removed)

You seem to get into a programming / Test Mode

The side mode keyswitch can be in either owner or payphone mode.

You get

Values can be entered using the numeric keys

Pressing FC gives ..

another 2 digit number can be entered here

Pressing FC gives ..

This can be set to 0 or 1

Pressing FC gives ..

This can again be set to 0 or 1

Pressing FC gives ..

Sometimes Erth flashes, sometimes it doesnt ?

Pressing FC gives ..

This allows the testing of the 3 solenoids that control the Coin Runway, by pressing 1,2 or 3

Pressing FC gives ..

This allows the 4 opto isolating coin detectors to be tested

The display rotates through SP1 to SP4

If an opto isolator path is broken say with a piece of paper the display will stop rotating and flash

Pressing FC gives ..

This screen allows the LCD to be tested, each segment is illuminated then all segments

Pressing FC give you...

Keying a number key causes tones to be played into the handset

pressing FC gives

Which allows you to test the keypad

pressing FC takes you back to the first step..

Error 2

After replacing the battery with a power supply, when I go off hook, Error 2 is displayed.

Programming the minimum fee etc gets rid of error 2

After about 15 seconds two digits are displayed which are the number of SPMs that have been counted by the payphone during this call.


I havn't got the keys to any of the three locks..

The lock on the top right of the phone is a switch i understand for the owner to make calls without inserting money

These seem to have a number on ..

87339 on the white payphone 200 mkii and 87498 on the yellow payphone 200mkii

Mode Keyswitch

Switches payphone between owner and payphone mode.

In Payphone mode errors cause "999" to be displayed

I owner mode calls can be made without coins and error numbers are displayed

The keyswitch is open circuit for Owner mode

The keyswitch is closed circuit for payphone mode

Both coin boxes are marked BT41

I assume the lock on the bottom is to unlock the case, this has no markings

Excellent info as always on Bob's Webpage