UK Street Payphones

Payphone 500,600,800 +

Display - Dot Matrix

Keypad - Angled back, Numeric

Handset - Square

No Cash Calls

Lock - type B

Handset - Round

Kepad - Flush Alien

No Cash Calls

Display - Dot Matrix

Keypad - Angled Back, Alpha Numeric

Handset -Square

Text Phone

Display - Dot Matrix

Keypad -Flush, Alien Symbol


Payphone 500

GPT Sapphire payphone was amongst the first payphone to incorporate sophisticated anti-vandalism features in addition to technological innovations such as remote phone diagnostics and modular component design

GPT Payphone Systems is a Marconi company. In its 18-year history, GPT Payphone Systems has supplied nearly 1.5 million payphones to more than 80 countries. Marconi PLC is a global communications and IT company with around 49,000 employees world-wide and sales in over 100 countries. It supplies advanced communications solutions and the key technologies and services for the internet.

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